Memorial To President Leon Febres Cordero

Memorial Del Presidente León Febres-Cordero



The memorial is like an obelisk with a memory plaque, which was set on March 15, 2012, and captures Leon Febres Cordero’s thinking, who was President of Ecuador from 1984 to 1988. He was also Mayor of the city of Guayaquil from 1992 until 2000. During his administration, the urban regeneration process of the city began; he also reconstructed the Simon Bolivar Pier.


The quote printed on the plaque was stated in October 9, 1999 and says: “From deep within my soul, I ask the people of Guayaquil, to defend, with the courage that we are known for, what has cost us so dearly, that Guayaquil may never be the spoils of piracy. That there will always be men and women willing to give their life to defend their freedoms for a better tomorrow.”



 A V shaped granite prism made in black marble. 

Simon Bolivar Pier near General Vernaza Street.