Mi Costa Bella Mural (My Beautiful Coast)

 Mural mi Costa Bella


Leonardo Hidalgo Jimenez. 


The mural is an artistic description of two typical characters of the Ecuadorian coast: the man from the beach and the one from the countryside, each one with their own customs and traditions, which operate within a limited social context, as it is the development of daily work, enabling them to survive despite its limitations.

The mural takes into consideration several characters of the beach such as the "Fisherman of my land" and the "beach arbero". Among the characters of the countryside, are: "the sugar cane cutter", the "fruit men of the coast" and "the banana man of the southern part of the coast".

For the elaboration of the mural that has a modern and figurative style, with intense and varied colors, national manufactured ceramic was used.

Juan Tanca Marengo Avenue and Joaquin Orrantia Street.