Monument to Assad Bucaram

Monumento a Assad Bucaram


The monument pays tribute to the politician, sports leader and former mayor of Guayaquil, Assad Bucaram Elmhalin, born in Ambato, on December 24, 1916 and died on November 5, 1981. Bucaram was leader of the political party “Concentracion de Fuerzas Populares” (CFP) and became an influence in national politics where he was legislator for four periods and president of the National Chamber of Representatives. He also served as mayor of the city between 1968 and 1970.



The statue shows Bucaram’s whole-body like he is pronouncing a speech. It is located in a ring surrounded by gardens, settled on a base of concrete with different bas-relief allegories. Behind the monument, both flags of Guayaquil and Ecuador remain hoisted.

His name is engraved on the front, along with a representation of the people who followed him; on the back, the engraving represents Bucaram’s participation in Congress; the right side refers to his work as a sports leader and precursor of basketball and the Athletic club, of which he was one of the founders, and on the left side, his image alongside the working people.

Avenue Nueve de Octubre and Tungurahua Street