Monument to Eloy Alfaro

Monumento a Eloy Alfaro



 One of the most important and impressive monuments of Guayaquil is dedicated to the memory of Gral. Eloy Alfaro and the Liberal Revolution. The artwork remember the ex-president of the Republic, born in Montecristi, Manabi the 25th of June  of 1842. He was in jail by order of the President Leonidas Plaza,  dragged in the streets of the city and assassinated in Quito the 28th of January of 1912.

The operator of the liberal revolution managed on June the 5th of 1895, thanks to liberal-radicals guayaquileños, held the presidency in two occasions between 1897-1901 and 1906-1911. 

The genesis of the monument was on November 13 of 1953, when the “Pro Monument Committee to Gral. Eloy Alfaro” was formed, but six years elapsed for the contract to be subscribed between the Pro Monument Committee and the constructors of the project on December 18th of 1959, for its elaboration that was assigned to the Loja’s sculptor Alfredo Palacio Moreno and the architect Rafael Rivas.

After almost two years of the project being stop, on August 13 of 1961, a committee commission, requested to the then city mayor Luis Robles Plaza to start the monument, that was inaugurated on October 8 of 1961, in the mayoral period of Pedro Menendez Gilbert.

The monument was located on the first circle of the Americas Avenue, where it was for 46 years, until December 2006, that was moved to another place, because over the years, was swallowed up by itself same environment, owing to Guayaquil’s modernization of roads and the construction of an overpass in that intersection, that had the monument almost hidden.

Its transference was decided in the middle of 2006, by the municipality being moved to the city’s entrance in the complex of the National Unit, at the starting of the bridges that connect Guayaquil with La Puntilla, Duran and the rest of the country. Finally on December 26 of 2006 was located on the new place, being officially re-inaugurated  on January 6 of 2007, for the then president Alfredo Palacio, son of the monument creator.


 By its artistic conception this monument was more innovated than the sculptures of that time. The sculpture is built over a circular open base, on which Alfaro is at, with a sword in his hand, accompanied by his fight companions. 

Pedro Mendendez Avenue junction, before the National Unity Bridge. North of the city.