Monument to Gabriel Garcia Moreno

Monumento a Gabriel García Moreno



This monument pays tribute to former Ecuadorian President Gabriel Garcia Moreno, who fought to defend the city in the famous Battle of Guayaquil, held in the XIX century, on September 24, 1860, where the troops of former Ecuadorian Presidents, Gabriel Garcia Moreno and Juan Jose Flores defeated General Guillermo Franco, with the help of Ramon Castilla, President of Peru, who had proclaimed himself as Supreme Head of Guayaquil.

Ecuadorian sculptor, Daniel Palacio, born in the city of Loja, is the author of the monument that was placed in 1968 in the Victoria Square.



The monument is a five-meter high bronze statue, located in the middle of a hemicycle, formed by four columns united at the top by a lintel. In the top of the middle column rises the coat of arms of Ecuador. In front of it, lays a pedestal with the legend "Dios no Muere” (God doesn’t die) where a full body figure of Garcia Moreno stands with folded arms, symbolizing pride and meditation. Both, columns and pedestal were made of concrete coated in grey marble. In the back of the Monument there are several messages from the former president that try to summarize his thinking and conception about power, duty, and the love to his country.


Avenue Quito and 10 de Agosto Street