Monument to Jose Joaquin de Olmedo

Monumento a José Joaquin de Olmedo



Its historical background dates back to the year of 1878, when the Municipal Council decided to build the monument and appointed a commission denominated “Olmedo Committee” to manage the construction. Fourteen years later, on October 9, 1892, the monument was solemnly inaugurated. French sculptor Jean Alexander Falguiere crafted the statue, and French architect George Chedanne carved the granite base that supports it.



A circular space surrounds the statue, in which two cannons stand out that seem to protect the outstanding patriot. A base that reaches a height of 8,17 meters supports it, which weights 11 tons and was crafted in bronze. Olmedo is seating in a singular position since he is looking at the river giving his back to the city, seated in a chair but trying to get up, with a pen in his right hand while holding the Poem of Junin in the left hand.

Simon Bolivar Pier and Olmedo Avenue