Monument to Medardo Angel Silva

Monumento a Medardo Ángel Silva



The monument crafted by sculptor Angela Name de Miranda, was made in honor of the writer, poet, musician and composer from Guayaquil Medardo Angel Silva Rhodes, born on June 8, 1898 and who died tragically on June 10, 1919. During his short life (21 years old) he became a literary reference within the Latin American modernist movement, due to his creations in poetry and prose.


He was part of the so-called "Decapitated Generation," a literary group from the first decades of the XX century, in which the majority of its members died tragically, including suicides; writers that renovated the style and content of Ecuadorian letters manifesting a strong sense of melancholy, known as "the anguish of living" which had death as the center and was evident in the creation of his literary works.

Among his best-known musical creations there is the lyrics of the traditional pasillo "El Alma En Los Labios" (The Soul in the Lips). 

Luis Urdaneta Street and Pedro Moncayo Avenue.