Monument of the Young Homeland

Monumento a la Patria Joven (Patrimonial)



The monument of the “Young Homeland”, is work of the famed painter, sculptor and Ecuadorian muralist, Oswaldo Guayasamin, who work on it on 1971 to be located on the Forest Park, and that was considered for that time, as one of Guayaquil most important exhibits of modern art.

The monument, that is part of the denominated sequence by the artist as “The anger age”, symbolizes, according to the author manifest, to an emerging freedom, that as a boy, need to been taking care of and protected to preserve it forever.

The monument was requested by the ex-president of the republic Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra, who in 1968, embarked the reconstruction of the Forest park, on whose place, wanted to give a space to the culture and the Ecuadorian art, displaying works that hold an historic meaning to the country.

The monument is based on artwork  that Guayasamin itself, did before to decorate his garden of one of his house in Quito.



The artwork considered as expressionist,  is an amplification on a higher scale of a sculpture set that has, at the back the stylization of mythological animal build in reinforced concrete and a column in which written in bronze, the names of the patriots of October 9th of 1820. 

Quito avenue and Venezuela street, Forest Park.