Municipal Library (Heritage)

Biblioteca Municipal (Patrimonial)


On March 24, 1862, the Municipal Library opened its doors when Pedro Carbo Noboa was the President of the City Hall of Guayaquil, who contributed with the first 100 volumes. It worked every day in a small department in the old House of the City Hall, and jurist Jose Plutarco Vera was its first librarian.

In 1908, due to the crumbling of the City Hall House, it was to be incinerated, so the Municipal Library was relocated into the chalet of Dario Morla located in Villamil Street. On August 10, 1916, the current building was constructed, in which the Municipal Museum also worked. This structure was a wooden house, designed by Portuguese architect Raul Maria Pereira, which was demolished in 1939, due to the structural flaws. In the meantime it worked in the City Hall for 13 years.

The current building was inaugurated on October 8, 1958, which was designed by architect Guillermo Cubillo Renella and built by engineer Miguel Salem Dibo.

From that time to the present, the Municipal Library continues to serve the community with an editorial fund that enriches itself every day, thanks to the rescue and restoration work carried out by its Director, architect Melvin Hoyos.


Besides all the books in its existence, it also has an additional attraction, the building itself, which was designed and built by the architect from Guayaquil, Guillermo Cubillo Renella. The building has a sculpture of Venus, crafted by sculptor Evelio Tandazo, which is located at the entrance. There is also a wooden woman with naked chest, a work from the sculptor Ayabaca

10 de Agosto Street and Pedro Carbo Avenue.
Mondays to Fridays from 09h00 to 17h00.