Music Square

Plaza de la Música



The square has the shape of a guitar and the visitor can find water fountains, pergolas, food courts, playgrounds and an atrium that works as a stage for public performances. Its location is attractive for its natural environment; in front it has an arm of the Salado Estuary, which gives the area some peculiarity in terms of flora and fauna and for its brackish waters that help the growth of mangrove.

There aren’t a great variety of ornamental plants within the Music Square, but the species living in the area enhance and give color to the place turning it into a nice site of open-air areas.

It also provides a playground area designed with music related items, among them, the triangles and the metal sound pipes.

It was built within the project of urban regeneration during the administration of Mayor Jaime Nebot and serves as a venue for artistic and cultural performances. It has an extension of 1300 meters bordering the Salado Estuary and between two existing bridges.



Fast food restaurants and beverage stations. The parking lots of the Pier of the Salado Estuary can be used by the visitors of the Music Square; there are 66 parking spots open 24-hour a day, throughout the year.


Visiting Hours

 Every day from 7:00am to 12:00am

Second stage of the Pier of the Salado Estuary, from El Velero Bridge to the 17th Street Bridge. It can be accessed by Clemente Ballen and Aguirre streets (Downtown); and from Victor Hugo Briones Street (South-West.)
Todos los días de 07h00 a 24h00