Narcisa de Jesus National Sanctuary (Nobol Canton)

Santuario Nacional de Narcisa de Jesús  (Cantón Nobol)


Is one of the most visited pilgrimage shrines of the country, which is located by the Daule River. Underneath the altar lies the body of a secular young girl born in 1832 at the farm of her parents.

Narcisa, know as the “Violet of Nobol”, was born in this canton on October 29, 1832 and died in Lima on October 8, 1869. She was beatified in 1992 and later canonized by Benedict XVI on October 12, 2008. There is a strong devotion towards her, which constitutes one of the main faith references in the country.

The history of the construction of the temple goes back to 1992 after the beatification of Narcisa that same year. The event motivated the idea of building a temple in her birthplace, for her uncorrupt body to remain there, which was in Lima where she lived the last years until she died. The body was brought to Guayaquil on April 30, 1955 and remained in two churches, the Santisimo Sacramento and San Jose, until 1972 when secretly was taken to her hometown in 1983, where a crypt were built for her.

After the beatification, the archbishop of Guayaquil, Monsignor Larrea, announced the construction of the temple. In 1993, father Placido Muñoz Macias arrived to Nobol to handle the construction works that had economic collaboration of the pilgrims.  On November 7, 1994, the works started and a year later, on August 1995, the priests began to celebrate mass inside the temple.

In 1998, when the church was finished, it was inaugurated with a procession and a solemn Eucharist; father Muñoz was appointed as the first rector of the church. Seven years later, in February of 2005, several renovations were carried out at the rectory of father Jaime Cedeño Amador.

On October 23, 2009, the Ecuadorian Episcopal Conference elevated the temple from Archdiocesan Sanctuary to National Sanctuary.

The temple is one of the most visited pilgrimage centers in the country, which receives foreign tourists from Peru, Colombia, the United States and Europe, places that have thousands of Ecuadorian migrants that disseminate the devotion to the Ecuadorian Saint. According to national statistics, half million pilgrims visited the sanctuary in 2013, with an average of 421.000 visitors per month.


The urn that contains the uncorrupt body of Santa Narcisa, which is located underneath the main altar and the tabernacle. The presbytery (place where the liturgical services are carried out) is an area that has several representative elements like the images of Jesus the Crucified and the Virgin Mary.


Two processions are carried out in Nobol, one devoted to the Way of the Cross and the other to its patron saint, Ecuadorian Narcisa de Jesus.

Way of the Cross

it takes place during Holy Week in the morning of Holy Friday. The pilgrimage lasts up to four hours and has the participation of more than 600 faithful; it starts at 07h00 and departures from the main church touring several streets of the city. The image of Christ travels inside a car, while a heavy wooden cross is carried on the shoulders.

Narcisa de Jesus Martillo Moran

The procession is devoted to the saint born in this town, following her canonization held on October 12, 2008.

The pilgrimage has been taking place since 2010 on the day when Narcisa was sanctified. It’s held at night and hundreds of people tour the main streets of the city while carrying the image of the so-called “Violet of Nobol”. The preparations begin in the afternoon with the praying of the rosary; later a mass is celebrated, after which, the people starts touring the surrounding streets of the Inmaculada Conception temple.


Tomas Martinez Avenue and Eloy Alfaro Street, Nobol.
Mass schedule: Mondays to Saturdays: 08h30, 11h00, 16h00; Sundays: 08h00, 9h30, 11h00, 14h00, 16h00.