Navegacion Tropical Mural (Tropical Navigation)

 Mural NavegaciĆ³n Tropical


Ricardo Gonzenbach Abad.


The work created on October 22, 2001 was crafted with shattered ceramic, which shows the importance of navigation in the city due to their status as maritime port.

The design highlights the boats guided by the wind, whose sails represent the inner strength and the thrust of the great men that have carried forward the city despite the adversities. Flag like sails represent the reception and solidarity of our city with the rest of the country and the world.

There is also a motif allusive to the lighthouse that lights the path for its people to turn the city into the pioneer of progress in the country.

The coating of the pillars was possible by using two techniques: tiled ceramic (irregular) in greater surface areas; segments of ceramic heated in the oven, using pigment colors consistent with the original design, were subsequently worked.

Carlos Julio Arosemena Avenue and Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra Street.