Nuestra Costa Ecuatoriana Mural (Our Ecuadorian Coast)

Mural Nuestra Costa Ecuatoriana


Olmedo Quimbita.


The nature-oriented mural was inaugurated on January 5, 2012. Its design was crafted on a simple low relief that reflects the Ecuadorian identity through all its regions of many landscapes due to the different climates, flora and fauna.

The mural has a varied set of colorful figures crafted in ceramic mosaics that represent flowers of many colors, typical fruits of the country like cocoa and banana, besides the natural beauty of its women. The distinct touch that calls the attention of this art piece, is that the colors of the plants and fruits are not real, the artist gave them other tropical tones.

This mural was a donation made to support the process of urban regeneration carried out by the Mayor of Guayaquil, Jaime Nebot Saadi, as part of the project comprised by the Forestal Park (Forest Park) and the Centro Civico (Civic Center), which support the improvement of the city.

Quito Avenue and Venezuela Street.
GarcĂ­a Moreno