Numa Pompillo Llona Street (Heritage)

Calle Numa Pompilio Llona (Patrimonial)



The Numa Pompilio Llona Street, located at Las Peñas Neighborhood, which bears the same name since 1920 in honor to a recognized poet of Guayaquil, is a narrow and cobbled street that is born at The Fortin and dies in the old factory of the National Brewery Company, where old and sumptuous houses were built that reflect a wooden tradition, symbol of identity of the city-port. 

The winding corridor of cobbled and narrow streets was originally designed for the passage of horse-guided carriages. It was known before as “Calle de la Orilla” (Street of La Orilla) that was the first pier of the city.  Its layout was registered in the diaries of pirate Guillermo Dampier.

Today, thanks to the urban regeneration process carried out by the Municipality of Guayaquil between the years of 2002 and 2008, a network of better-carved rectangular rocks replaced the cobbled street.



A winding path of narrow and cobbled streets where beautiful and sumptuous wood houses were built in the early years of the XX century.

Barrio Las Peñas, Santa Ana Hill