Pier of the Salado Estuary

Malecón del Estero Salado (Foto: Carlos Julio Gonzalez)


The Pier of the Salado Estuary, called like that for being located at the banks of the estuary with the same name, has an extension of 400 square meters. It was built in 2009 as part of the urban regeneration project of the city. The Municipality of Guayaquil carried out this emblematic work and recovered and rehabilitated this sea arm, which in past years was a crowed beach resort and for a long time it was abandoned. Today this park is the proud and joy of the citizens of Guayaquil and a great touristic attraction.


The natural environment is surrounded by the Salado Estuary and the mangroves, within an extensive vegetation area form by trees, plants and tropical gardens that combine nature, entertainment and culture.

The area of the Pier is distributed in two stories, one with a viewpoint to appreciate the estuary and the city. The top floor has a deck design that resembles a sail ship; it also has a suspended pedestrian bridge of 55 meters long.

Besides the gardens in the site there are: fountains, rest areas, outdoor squares for artistic performances, plaques like “Guayaquil Portico de Oro” and other three squares that harbor different spaces that have monuments, fountains and rest areas.

The first square, called “Paseo de los Escritores” (Writers Walkway) pays homage to five famous writers of Guayaquil with their respective monuments. The second square is “Plaza de la Salud” (Health Square) in which two mirrors of water are connected by a pergola and cobbled walking lanes with an agora with a capacity for 180 people where several cultural events are carried out. In the center there is the monument to journalist Ismael Perez Pazmiño, founder of one the most important newspapers of Guayaquil. Near the statue there is a plaque from the Pan American and World Health Organization, which gives the name to the sector since the entity recognizes the effort of the Municipality to recover this natural area.

The third square is “Plaza de los Mariscos” (Seafood Square), a food court that offers seafood dishes from the Ecuadorian cuisine and it also serves as a location to carry out artistic events. The site is adorned by a sculpture called “Pez en el Agua” (Fish in the Water), which makes reference to the maritime traditions of the area and a stained glass window that honors the Huancavilca aborigines, Guayas and Quil that some historians believe gave the name to the city. There is also the so-called “Pier Vicente Rocafuerte” in in whose dock visitors can take boat rides through the estuary.

From the park visitors can see the Monumental Fountain of Dancing Waters that produces water squirts with multicolor lights. This is located in the water mirror of the Salado Estuary between the park of the Ferroviaria citadel and the bridge 5 de Junio.


There is a parking lot for 45 vehicles, an exhibition are, several markets, artisan kiosks, food court, restaurants, bars, night clubs, fast food places, a dock for river rides and rest areas.

Plaza de los Mariscos (Seafood Square)

Address: Pier of the Salado Estuary, entrance of Aguirre Street and Ismael Perez Pazmiño Street.

Parish: Urdaneta.

Attractions: The Square comprises the food court and a recreation area in which several monuments that depict the identity of Guayaquil can be appreciated like the stained glass window of Guayas and Quil, the Huancavilca aborigines that gave the name to the city. There is also the sculpture “Fish in the Water” that represents the maritime identity of the city.

In the food court, there are several outdoor restaurants where tourists can taste different dishes from the coastal cuisine, which are mainly seafood dishes like: all kinds of ceviches made of different fishes and seafood such as concha, shrimp, octopus, squid, etc., also casseroles and pastries made of plantain and seafood; crabs in different varieties, ‘encocados’ made of seafood and coconut; garlic marinated seafood, pasta or seafood salads and soups and rice dishes with seafood. There are also drinks and cocktails. 

9 de Octubre Boulevard, near the bridge Cinco de Junio.
07h00 a 24h00