Puerto Hondo Beach Resort and Recreational Center

Balneario y Centro Recreacional Puerto Hondo


Is located in an area of 8,000 square meters that comprise 1,000 meters of beaches, 1,200 meters of Aquatic Parks, 1,200 meters of service areas and 4,600 meters for pedestrian circulation.

The Center was built by the Municipality of Guayaquil within the urban regeneration project through Valero Construction Company in a lapse of four months and it was inaugurated on April 6, 2006.


The beach resort of Puerto Hondo is located 40 minutes from Guayaquil traveling by land. Stands out for its ecosystem ideal for ecotourism lovers, since it is located near an ecological reserve and a mangrove area, bathed by a branch of the Salado Estuary.

There are aquatic games for children with slides, cascades and water squirts. Besides, playgrounds, a viewpoint to observe the mangrove and a small beach were the visitors can enjoy the waters of the Salado Estuary.

The viewpoint has two stories that can be accessed through a platform, from which they can observe the mangroves of an ecological reserve.

The site has multipurpose courts were visitors can practice their favorite sport. It also has pergolas, parasols and a dock were small vessels (boats and canoes) can disembark, in which they can take rides through the mangroves for visitors to appreciate the flora and fauna of the area.


Coffee shops and kiosks that sell different articles, also dressers, lockers, showers and rest areas.

Kilómetro 17,5 de la vía a la Costa (carril de retorno a Guayaquil)
Martes a domingo de 10h00 a 18h00