Rides through the Salado Estuary

Paseos Naúticos por el Estero Salado


The dock for rowboats that have a capacity for 15 people; pedal boats and eco-touristic rides.

The traditional wooden boats are rented in that location, and also a glass fiber vessel that is lighter when rowing. The boats are equipped with umbrellas. If the tourist does not know how to row he can hire the services of a paddler. Pedal and motorboats are also available. The use of life jackets is required for all.

The rental period is of 45 minutes and the usual route is to departure from the bridge El Velero towards the University of Guayaquil.

Another route is to paddle towards the 17th Street Bridge to go to the banks of the restored and colorful houses located west of the suburb of Guayaquil.

Tourists can also row in the opposite direction, passing under the bridge 5 de Junio, reaching Urdesa; along the way they can see the flora and fauna of the area. Among the animals that can be appreciated are birds, herons and ducks that are nesting in the trees. Four types od mangroves can be seen: white, black, red and jeli.


The sector has two imposing recreational squares and a food court.

Pedal boats:  with a capacity up to five people, it costs $ 3 per half hour and $ 5 for the full hour.

Pier of the Salado Estuary, located at the entrance of Aguirre and Ismael Perez Pazmiño streets.
09h00, 18h00; boat rides 16h00, 17h00, when the sun is not that strong and tourists can enjoy the sunset.
Boat prices: renting the boat for six passengers has a price of $4 for 45 minutes. Additionally they can hire a rower to ride the boat if the tourists do not wish to row, this costs an additional $1,50.