Saint Festivities of Guayaquil

Fiestas Patronales de Guayaquil

Every July 25, Guayaquil celebrates its Patron Saint, and it commemorates the founding process of the city. For that reason in this month the Saint Festivities are celebrated and Guayaquil has become home to parades, festivals, fairs, concerts, etcetera.

If you will visit Guayaquil during their Saint Festivities, you may enjoy of a wide agenda of events organized by the Municipal Public Company of tourism, civic promotion and international relations of Guayaquil.


International Gastronomic fair Raices

The main event organized by the Saint Festivities of July is the International Gastronomic fair "Raices”, this fair gathers the best Ecuadorian cuisine and is the largest gastronomic event of the country.


Civic Parade “Guayaquil es mi Destino en sus Fiestas Patronales”

You can also enjoy the traditional student civic parade that runs through the main streets of Guayaquil with floats, bands and dance groups marching to the beat of Guayaquil and popular music. It has three stages and is realized every July 25.


River Boat Parade through the Guayas River

The Guayas River is an emblem of Guayaquil, thus in its Saint Festivities, will be realized a nautical parade with colorful allegorical boats, and you can see this from the Simon Bolivar Pier.


Youth tribute

Each year more than two thousand students participate in the Youth Tribute, an event that takes place at the Alberto Spencer Stadium. The tribute narrates with human slates milestones that marked the history of our city. Also they involved dance with popular music groups from Guayaquil

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