San Agustin Park

Parque San Agustín



At the beginning of the XX century, the Park was known as Square of May 24, a name that was a tribute to the battle of Pichincha, in which Quito earned its freedom from the Spanish power. As it was customary in Guayaquil’s history, it had multiple locations, until 1926 when it arrived to its existing place, which was formerly called Barrio de la Soledad. That same year the name was changed to San Agustin Square. However, years later when the bust of the poet from Guayaquil Medardo Angel Silva was moved into it, the neighborhood began to call it Silva Square, as the writer lived in the area.

Today, the Park that formerly housed circus tents or were musical performances were carried out, which, during the Festival of their Patron San Agustin, Lord of the Good Hope, children's carousels with horses were placed, look renovated due to its fences, benches of iron and modern illumination. 



The Park that has in its center the monument to the poet Medardo Angel Silva offers a natural environment, provided by an old Ceibo tree, which stands imposing to provide shade and to accompany the native flora of the Park, which has also other species. It is also the home to dozens of pigeons that perch on the square. Another attraction is a small circular fountain, located under the trees and surrounded by colorful flowers, which stand out for its natural beauty. 

Calle Luis Urdaneta y avenida Pedro Moncayo.