San Francisco Church “Nuestra Senora de los Angeles” (Heritage)

Iglesia San Francisco “Nuestra Sra. de los Ángeles” (Patrimonial)


Tells the story that in the first years of the XVIII century, a church with its tower was built in 1702, at Los Franciscanos Street where the New City began. After a decade the tower was about to crumble, so, because of the danger, the governor recommended Fray Simplon, who was in charge of the dioceses, to torn down the tower.

The many times the governor remembered Fray Simplon about the danger were in vain and useless, he didn’t have the money to do the job. Besides his duties as priest of the church, Fray Simplon spent his time taking care of the doves he had brought from the Castilla region in Spain.

As the danger remained, the governor took advantage of the festivities of Santiago in which the people was gathered in La Orilla Street, and ordered the demolition of the tower. When the tower fell, the night became darker, darker as a wolf’s mouth; after a brief silence, a wing flapping was heard, which lasted all night. The following day, the governor went to check the place and he was surprised to see that the tower was rebuilt; he asked Fray Simplon about the miracle, to what he responded:

“Was the work of the doves; they rebuilt the adobe walls with branches and earth.” Since then, the doves are part of the church.

About this building, chronicler Mario Cicala wrote in his “Description of the city of Guayaquil”: “in that church there are beautiful and majestic golden wood altars and artistic statues”.

The current building was constructed in 1956 by engineer Modesto Luque Rivadeneira, following the architectural lines of the old wooden church of the first years of 1900.


The spacious nave in the ground floor and a chapel of great beauty. When entering the church the visitor can appreciate an imposing perspective of its altar with six niches in which there are lovely sculptures representing several Saints and distributed in three columns. The marble altar with gold leaf moldings stands out.

Victor Manuel Rendon Street and Pedro Carbo Avenue.
Mass schedule: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: 07h00, 08h00, 09h00, 18h00, and 19h00. Thursdays: 07h00, 08h00. Saturdays: 07h00, 08h00, 09h00,