Santa Ana Port

Puerto Santa Ana



Is a touristic building complex of 4 hectares formed by several office buildings, commercial shops, apartments, squares, museums and a pier that borders the Guayas river.

Its construction began in January 2005 and the first stage was inaugurated on April 15, 2007. It cost more than 20 million dollars that were funded by the Municipality and private corporations.

The work, whose original layouts were designed by the American firm of architects DDG, similar to Cocowalk in Miami, was built right in the place where the city was born. The old National Brewery, the dairy company Indulac and the rice company Modelo used to be settled in the same exact location. The area is connected to Las PeƱas Neighborhood through the Numa Pompilio Llona Street.



It is surrounded by a natural landscape since is located in front of the Guayas River; it has a modern architecture with a building constructed in the same place where the silos of the National Brewery used to be located, which maintains its original design.  There is the Pilsener Square in which several artistic events take place and also the museums that pay tribute to Julio Jaramillo, the Beer industry and Barcelona Sporting Club.

Calle Numa Pompilio Llona,slopes of the Santa Ana Hill