Super Morocho

Super Morocho is a registered brand renowned in Guayaquil for its good taste;  the business was established by Raquel Calderon and her daughter Jeinmi Cueva (picture) 22 years ago.

At first they sold their product in a street cart located in Pedro Moncayo and Luque streets, then the business moved to a place in the south of the city since many of their customers requested it. Later on they had to put some branches in the north.

Jeinmi administrates all the stores from the main branch located in Chimborazo and Vacas Galindo streets; in the main establishment of Super Morocho has a capacity for 28 people sitting comfortably.

The morocho is prepared every day with fresh prime ingredients. It can be eat alone or with yucca bread.

Super Morocho was one of the 30 huecas chosen to participate in the Raices International Gastronomic Fair. It opens Mondays to Sundays from 14h00 to 22h00.

Morocho (thick drink made with sweet corn, milk, cinnamon, raisins and sugar)
Mondays to Sundays from 14h00 to 22h00
Chimborazo #3209 and Vacas Galindo