Tierra de Luz Mural (Land of Light)

Mural Tierra de Luz


Natasha Demtchenko Molotkova.


The mural represents what Ecuador means to the author, a land of light: an immeasurable country due to its joyful people and its colorful landscapes, in which she highlights the Guayas River and the mangroves of the Salado Estuary.

Within the chromatic of the mural, yellow is used as a symbol of light that together with the blue of the water create life in the area. The Chongon-Colonche mountain range, which looks blue from the distance, was called “Cerro Azul” (Blue Hill) for that contact of yellow and blue.

The material used was pre-fabricated ceramic painted both manually and industrially; the technique is a combination of wall tiling and high-relief ceramic.

The mural was chosen in the fourth contest carried out by the Municipality on February 2003.

Bombero Avenue and Perimetral Highway.