Union Club (Heritage)

Club de la Unión (Patrimonial)



The traditional social club of Guayaquil was founded on July 25, 1869; from its beginnings it was a stellar place within the social life of the city. Alongside the Fire Department and the Philanthropic Society of Guayas, is the third oldest institution at the service of the city.

The Club was born as a result of the meetings held between groups of young people at the warehouses of Tomas Gagliardo to promote sports instead of the political gatherings that were common on those days. The first headquarters were located between Malecon and 9 de Octubre avenues, then, for several reasons, the club was moved to different places until the first decade of the XX Century when it was transferred to its current location.

With more than a century of existence, the Club has maintained an illustrious trajectory, based on the effort of those who have been its members; some of them have exercised the Presidency of the country. Through the years, the gatherings have been the center of the fellowship, which have cultivated friendship, culture, business and social life through their traditional celebrations and galas.

The Union Club has also worked in benefit of the least fortunate people and has become heritage of the city.


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