Varadero Beach

Playa Varadero


Playa Varadero used to be a place located in front of the sea with 24 cabins, where the locals of the area offered, in an informal way, prepared food. In 2010 the site entered the urban regeneration program carried out by the Municipality of Guayaquil, thus it was turned into a comfortable, attractive and functional place for the service of tourists.


The touristic project Playa Varadero is a place with great features since it allows the visitor to enjoy the splendor of a beach of 2,5 kilometers of length and a privileged weather. It also has comfortable facilities like a food court near the sea in the shape of a shell and made of muyuyo (a wood of the area). In this food court visitors can enjoy the seafood delicacies of the coast.

When the tide is low, natural pools are created that can be enjoyed by the little ones. In one side of the beach there is a cliff, and in the lower part of the hill there is a wide area in which beach soccer tournaments can be organized.


There is a wide market in which 24 restaurants can be found. Of those, 21 offer seafood, two cocktail bars and one ice cream store. It also has three access ramps to the beach, four life guard stations, a service for renting parasols, playgrounds, lockers, a parking area for cars and buses, a reserve area, bathrooms, showers, pergolas and ten hammock cabins. 



Kilometer 17 via General Villamil Playas – Posorja, 115 kilometers from Guayaquil.