Victoria Square

Plaza de la Victoria



This Square was named after the famous Battle of Guayaquil, held in the XIX century, on September 24, 1860, where the troops of former Ecuadorian Presidents, Gabriel Garcia Moreno and Juan Jose Flores defeated General Guillermo Franco, with the help of Ramon Castilla, President of Peru, who had proclaimed himself as Supreme Head of Guayaquil. That is why this neighborhood started to be named as Victoria (Victory).

Its construction dates from 1887 according to the layouts of the city, made by German geologist and geographer, Teodoro Wolf (Franz Theodor Wolf). At the end of the XIX century, this park had a bullring. Initially, the park was named Calderon Park, in honor to the national hero Abdon Calderon; then it was named Tarqui Square. In 1968, when the monument to former President Gabriel Garcia Moreno was placed, it began to be called Victoria, due to the victory of the Battle of Guayaquil.

For many years, this square remained abandoned, until 1998, when the urban regeneration came to rescue it to give back the charm it deserved.



This Square has a monument in honor to former Ecuadorian President Gabriel Garcia Moreno, a classic roundabout of Mudejar-style and an illuminated water fountain that is surrounded by trees, tropical plants and gardens.

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