Vivencias Criollas de Guayaquil Mural (Folklore Experiences of Guayaquil)

Mural Vivencias Criollas de Guayaquil


Ivan Paredes Navarrete.


The mural reflects the everyday and most representative activities of the city such as bicycle rides, roller-skating, flying kites, the spinning top in the children games, guitars, music, among others.

The first steam ship of Guayas, built in 1840 on the American shores of the Pacific is represented in the central area of the mural.

In the work made with a technique of Byzantine mosaic, pottery pieces of irregular geometric shapes were used. The mural has sinuous lines and vivid colors.

The mural was chosen for being one of the winners of the second competition of art in overpasses, carried out by the Municipality of Guayaquil and held on November 22, 2001.

5 de Junio and Carlos Julio Arosemena avenues.