Wild Boar Icon

Ícono del Jabalí



During the 30’s, the Municipality sent an invitation to the accredited Consulates of the country and to the different foreign colonies, to contribute to the beautification of the city. The Wild Boar Icon was born thanks to a donation made by the Chinese colony, which was a reproduction of the original French piece designed by the sculptor, Beneducce Marin.

There are several copies of this Wild Boar in New York and other European cities.

In the bronze pedestal where the Wild Boar rests there’s a plaque that testifies the antiquity of the sculpture and it also read as follows: “From the Chinese Colony to the city of Guayaquil. Santon Taysing, General Consul. October 9, 1931.”



In the middle of a nature setting lays a powerful bronze wild boar, which in the Chinese culture is a symbol of strength and it has engravings around its hoofs, depicting small animals like frogs, snakes and other animals from the jungle.  


Simon Bolivar Pier, next to Aguirre Street.