When you visit Guayaquil you should take recommended precautions around the world how not to neglect your belongings and avoid deserted sites at night.
Guayaquil has several entities that are responsible for the security of its inhabitants and visitors:

1. Integrated service of security ECU 911
The integrated service integrated of security Ecu 911 is a service of immediate response to emergencies, accidents and disasters, that combines them efforts of several agencies local as the national police,armed forces, the Fire Department, the National Commission of transit, the Ecuadorian Red Cross, among others.
The ECU 911 has a platform technology that provides services of video surveillance, buttons of help, community alarms, reception and attention offices to emergencies through an only number of assistance: the 911.
In an emergency you can call to the 911 through any fixed or mobile phone, free of charge, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Web site: http://www.ecu911.gob.ec/

Twitter: @ECU911_

ECU 911 mobile applications
The ECU 911 also has an mobile application free available for downloads on devices Android, iOS and Blackberry in English and Spanish. This service allows to users to report incidents in four categories: police, transit, health and fire.
The application was designed thinking about those people who by a disability, can’t communicate verbally or in circumstances that prevent them to alert an emergency telephone.

To report an emergency will be sent the information of the location of the affected and the incident immediately to the institution of alert.

You can find this application in the app stores as ECU 911.

2. The National police

The national police is a civilian institution, Technical, hierarchical, disciplined, professional and highly specialized. Their mission is to serve public safety and public order, protect the free exercise of rights and the safety of persons within the national territory.
Their members that operate 24 hours a day are responsible of the prevention and research of offences, the apprehension of criminals, and control of the terrestrial transport and the movement immigration of the country.

For complaints you can communicate to the 1800 crime (1800 335486).

You can also make complaints online at the following link: http://www.policiaecuador.gob.ec/dnpj/

3. Metropolitan Police of Guayaquil
The Mission of the Metropolitan Police of the Municipality of Guayaquil is ensure the protection of the free exercise of them rights, duties and freedoms of the citizens based on the laws and ordinances current. Its objective is generating welfare and a better quality of life for the inhabitants and visitors of Guayaquil.
The members of the Metropolitan Police of Guayaquil protect permanently the Historic Center of the city and the regenerated areas of the city.
4. Corporation for the citizen security of Guayaquil (CSCG)
The Corporation for the citizen security of Guayaquil (CSCG) is a municipal corporation responsible of the monitoring of the city through a video surveillance system with 850 cameras located in strategic places in Guayaquil. Its purpose is intended to deter the criminals of their illicit acts. They have operational staff working 24 hours a day, the 365 days a year for the benefit of the community and its visitors.
The CSCG, through the program of evaluation of damage and analysis of needs (EDAN), provides assistance back to events adverse as fires, landslides and floods in urban and rural parish of Guayaquil. The affected receive kits of food that cover the needs of families of up to four members, by 15 days. According to his need also may receive kits of personal hygiene and  cleaning sets for the home.

To make complaint may contact the CSCG at the: 04-2598002

Twitter: @cscg112

Facebook: Corporation for the citizen security of Guayaquil