Humitas y Hayacas

 Ambigú Café

If you are looking for a midday or afternoon snack, Ambigú Café is the place to go, where Edgar Palma, the owner, will host you. The place serves natural fruit juices and snacks like tortillas and bolones de verde (cooked plantain ball filled with cheese and pork) whose particular flavor has captivated the customers.

Eparepa Choco

12 years ago, the search for a better future encouraged Jamil Renteria to move from his native Colombia to Guayaquil. In the city he found more: love.

With his wife, Maria Pincay, he established the restaurant Eparepa Choco, three years ago, whose specialty is the arepas stuffed with cheese, meat, chicken and shrimp. The place also served fritters and also the masato or poleta, which is a drink made from corn and milk.

Piqueos Criollos

Maria Teresa Ormaza and her family prepare the delicious humitas, hayacas, bolones (cooked plantain stuffed with cheese and pork), and another snacks that are served at this traditional restaurant, which is located in 10 de Agosto and Pichincha streets.