Centro Civico “Eloy Alfaro” Theater (Civic Center)


The Theater is located in the south of the city, inside the Forestal Park. Its construction was planned in 1969 by the Ecuadorian president of the time, Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra, as a way to commemorate the sesquicentennial of the independence of Guayaquil. However for different reasons, mainly financial problems, the work was paralyzed for more than 15 years, until its construction was finished in 1985.

For a while, the building belonged of the Central Bank, but currently the owners are the Municipality of Guayaquil and the Ministry of Culture.

Among the activities that are carried out inside the Civic Center Theater are: plays, civic events, contests, exhibitions, and concerts, among others.


The Theater is built above a square area of 6,400 square meters, which is located in the middle of an artistic complex that also comprises the Civic Square and an Agora surrounded by a series of flags.

It also has de largest romm in the city with a capacity for 1,927 spectators, which are built in four stories. The theater has two floors with 20,000 square meters of construction. The building is covered by a geodesic dome, which is its main characteristic. Inside this infrastructure is the main auditorium, with a capacity for 1,927 people and two small theaters with a capacity of 150 people each.

An Agora was built in the outside area of the Civic Center, like the ones located in public squares of the ancient Greek cities, which has a capacity for 300 people.

Calles Guaranda y García Goyena, Parque Forestal.
Centro Cívico
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Centro Civico “Eloy Alfaro” Theater  (Carlos Julio Gonzalez).
Centro Civico “Eloy Alfaro” Theater (Parsival Castro).
Centro Civico “Eloy Alfaro” Theater
Centro Civico “Eloy Alfaro” Theater
Centro Civico “Eloy Alfaro” Theater
Centro Civico “Eloy Alfaro” Theater