El Telegrafo Newspaper


It was established on February 16, 1884 by Juan Murillo Miro, who was imprisoned and later exiled to Chile by the government of Placido Caamaño, reason why, the newspaper stopped its circulation on July 3,1886, with its publication number 607. In 1989, Jose Abel Castillo, from Ambato, who was the owner for decades, acquired the shares. After several owners, the newspaper became public.
The building is the work of the General Construction Society; the decoration was in the hands of Hugo Faggioni, and its construction started in 1923. Its inauguration took place a year later, in 1924. Two years later, a public clock was placed in its tower.


The façade that comprises the clock tower, the entrance hall that has a marbled stairway, the bust of Jose Abel Castillo, the second owner; the stained glass window located in the stairway and the stairway’s design, which evokes the art nouveau style. The columns cover the first three floors and end in an architrave (lower part of the entablature) that originally was the finish of the building.

Boyaca Avenue and 10 de Agosto Street.
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El Telegrafo Newspaper (Parsival Castro).
El Telegrafo Newspaper  (Dirección de Prensa, Municipio de Guayaquil).