Fire Department Headquarters (Heritage)


The Fire Department of Guayaquil was founded on August 17, 1835, during the presidency of Vicente Rocafuerte. However it was the National Congress that declared it as Meritorious on October 25, 1930.
The building where the Company Nueve de Octubre used to operate was declared as heritage; its construction began on April 24, 1927 and was inaugurated on 1931. Its construction was possible due to the collaboration of a committee of ladies and gentlemen, formed by citizens of Guayaquil, who were concerned for the safety of the city, so they donated a building for the fire department, considering that historically the city had been assailed by fires.


It is a three-story building, which is characterized by its square columns with ornaments, on which rest four balconies embellished with balustrades and corbels. Its façade is eclectic in a predominating straight line. It has nine windows, six of them are decorated with square frames and the remaining three are arch-shaped. Among the decorative elements there are Corinthian capitals, cornices and a large semicircular pediment that crowns the top of the façade, over which, rests the inscription of the name of the Institution.

: 9 de Octubre Boulevard and Escobedo Street.
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Fire Department Headquarters (César Mera).