Contemporary Naval Museum


The museum was inaugurated on October 9, 2006 and is located at the old house of Augusto Dillon Valdez, which is a heritage property of great architectonic value. It was established thanks to the initiative of the Ecuadorian Navy before the need of telling the people about the development and growth of the Navy of our Country, from the Combat of Jambeli. The Museum also comprises the Armada Park, Marinero Square and the naval library.

It has 9 rooms that bear the names of the heroes and forgers of our naval history like late captain Rafael Moran Valverde, who fought in the battle of Jambeli that was led by the Gunboat Calderon.


The museum is a three-story building with an underground floor, which exhibits a compilation of elements, instruments, weapons, scale models, photographs, documents and others that represent the evolution of the Navy from 1941 until today; as well as its contribution to the country.

In presence area is located in the first floor where the busts that pay tribute to naval heroes are placed. There is also a representation of the Superior Naval School, The Training Ship Guayas and a naval corner that comprises several instruments and navigation equipment, and some furniture. 

The Operational Programs are represented in the second floor, like the Marine Corps with a recreation of one of its members in action, an hyperbaric chamber and diving equipment; the Naval High Command and the Naval Aviation, with a display of weapons and naval air models.

The third floor is dedicated to the contribution of the Navy to the development of the country; represents the work carried out by the Oceanographic Institute of the Navy (Inocar, for its Spanish acronym), to improve navigation and cartography; also an exhibition of implements and models about the presence of our country in Antarctica. The work of the National Department of Water Spaces (Dirnea, for its Spanish acronym) through the Ecuadorian Coastguard is also represented in this floor, as the maritime authority that controls illicit activities that occur both in the seas and navigable rivers.

The Room dedicated to submarines is located in the underground floor and comprises and exhibition of its history and evolution and also a recreation of the areas destined to the habitability of the members of the crew, equipment and weapons.

Fray Vacas Galindo Street and Jose Maria Urbina Avenue.
Tuesdays to Fridays: from 09h00 to 17h00; Saturdays: from 09h00 to13h00.
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Contemporary Naval Museum (César Mera)