Parrot of Guayaquil


PARROT OF GUAYAQUIL «Ara ambiguus guayaquilensis»


Scientific name: Ara ambiguus guayaquilensis.

Common name: Great Green Macaw.

Family: Psittacidae.

The parrot of Guayaquil is a bird that belongs to the psittacidae family and one of the two subspecies of the Ara Ambiguus specie. When living in the wild the parrot of Guayaquil inhabits the western areas of the country and the humid and dry forests of the Ecuadorian coast.  It has been recognized as vulnerable specie worldwide (BirdLife International, 2004).  The parrots reproduce between June and November making their nests inside the cavities of Pigio trees (Cavallinesia platanifolia).

The social and reproductive behavior and vital cycle are considered between the main characteristics of this subspecies, which have been denominated by many as extreme fidelity.  It’s said that the parrots have a relationship with their couples for life, similar to monogamy; however, if one dies, the other looses its reproductive capacity and soon will die of depression.

The areas located in the provinces of Guayas and Santa Elena represent the most important conservation sites. The area comprises the southern part of the Chongon-Colonche mountain range and specially the Cerro Blanco Protected Forest, located in the Guayaquil canton, western part of the city.

To support the conservation of the specie, the efforts have been oriented to captive reproduction; several foundations have carried out programs to save the specie, for example, the Pro-Bosque Foundation, which implements reforestation programs in Cerro Blanco, located at the western part of Guayaquil, in order to preserve an adequate environment for species like the Parrot of Guayaquil and the Jaguar.   

The Jambeli Foundation works for the preservation of the Parrot of Guayaquil by developing reproduction methods to keep a population that will later be introduced to its natural habitat.

Another organizations from Guayaquil and its surroundings like Parque Historico, the Public Company of Urban Parks and Public Spaces and the Botanical Garden, carry out awareness and preservation programs for this specie that represents a symbol of great importance to the city.


Photo gallery: 
Parrot of Guayaquil (Courtesy of Vistazo Magazine)
Parrot of Guayaquil (Courtesy of Carlos Julio Gonzalez)
Parrot of Guayaquil (Courtesy of Carlos Julio Gonzalez)