The Route of Independence


During the last days of September and the first week of October of 1820, the meetings between the patriots, held at the house of Jose de Villamil, became more frequent. The house was located in the southeast intersection corner of La Orilla Street (existing Avenue Malecon Simon Bolivar) and Los Franciscanos Street (current Avenue 9 de Octubre); there, at 8:00 pm of October 8, Escobedo said goodbye to his fellow citizens with the historic phrase: “Goodbye until we see each other as triumphant men…” The liberty route was developed towards the north of the city, reaching the Fort of La Planchada, which was taken over during the early hours of October 9 by Sargent Pavon and Chief Alvarez. The battalion Granaderos de Reserva was stationed at the Municipality and the current lands of the Valra building (10 de agosto Street between Malecon Simon Bolivar and Pichincha avenues), which was taken over around 2:00 in the morning by a small group led by Gregorio de Escobedo.  At the same hour, a small group of soldiers led by Leon de Febres Cordero took over the headquarters of the Artillery Brigade located at the corner of Clemente Ballen and Pichincha streets. 

Urdaneta and Jose de Antepara led another group that took over the Daule headquarters located in Taona, where the building of Comercial Jarrin is currently located, between Malecon Simon Bolivar and Olmedo Avenues.

Simultaneously, Manuel de Jesus Fajardo and Francisco de Marcos took over the military hardware of Las Cruces, located at the intersection of Argentina and General Gomez streets, approximately.  Before dawn, Colonel Benito Garcia del Barrio was captured at his house located in the existing lands of the Municipal library.  Towards the dawn of October 9 of 1820, in the current Malecon Simon Bolivar and 9 de Octubre avenues, Villamil and Febres Cordero contemplated the Glorious Dawn, for the first time.