Mall del Sur


Is one of the largest in the city. It was inaugurated on October 28 of 2004 and it has 62,000 square meters of construction as well as 127 commercial stores, 27 islets, a food court and seven movie theaters. One of the main features of the mall is that it has commercial stores located in the façade of the building, which is a design that marked a trend in several countries.


This commercial center has several types of stores that offer services, supermarkets, banks, food, clothing, shoes, and phones, among others. Its seven movie theaters belong to the Cinemark franchise and its food court has 18 stores that offer a great gastronomic variety.

Movie Theaters

Mondays to Fridays: 12h00 to 22h30. Saturdays to Sundays: 10h00 to 23h00.

Avenues 25 de Julio and Dr. Ernesto Alban.
Mondays to Sundays: 10h00 to 21h00.
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Mall del Sur (Jose Dimitrakis)
Mall del Sur (Jose Dimitrakis)