Guayaquil is my Destiny to Enjoy

Guayaquil es mi Destino para Disfrutar

·         Have a walk over Pier of the Salado Estuary and enjoy of:

A beautiful walk by the Pier of the Salado Estuary , other big art Works of city regeneration from the municipality of Dr. Jaime Nebot. While walking the pier you will be able to do several activities like:

·         Walk by The Rodolfo Baquerizo Square

·         Walk by the 5 de Junio bridge and have a panoramic of 9 de Octubre Boulevard

·         Walk by the  Writers walk

·         Enjoy of Nautical Rides of Salado Stuary
Services: boat renting and swans
Schedules: 09h00 to 18h00

·         Taste different local dishes in the Seafood Square

Schedules: 10h00 to 22h00

If you are at the lineal park at night you cannot miss the Monumental Fountain of Dancing Waters show.

·         Monumental Fountain of Dancing Waters show.
Address: Over the Salado Estuary  between  the Ferroviaria Pier and 5 de Junio bridge.
Light show schedule:Tuesday to Thursday from 19h00 to 21h00
No light show shedule: Tuesday thru Sunday from 12h00  to 19h00.


·         Walk the Lineal Park:
A few meters from the Pier os Salado Estuary, is the lineal park with 21.000 square meters of construction and several resting áreas, excercise, that goes from contemporary art  and monuments on illustrious figures honor like Emilio Estrada Cardona.
Schedules: 08h00 to 19h00

·          Zigzag Bridge (Youth Walk)
If you enjoy walking and admire the natural landscapes, continue the walk from the Lineal Park to the Zigzag Bridge. A bridge of modern architecture decorated with verticals roundabouts gardens and a beautiful view of the Salado Estuary. 

·          Victor Emilio Estrada Pier
Continuing with the walking by the zigzag bridge you will get to the Victor Emilio Estrada Pier that connects with the Guayaquil University and Urdesa, one of the busiest place in the city.



In Urdesa you will be able to enjoy of an extense gastronomic offer and also night life since it has  several bars and restaurant for all tastes. It offers from Ecuadorian food to international food as spanish, japonese, italian and fast food of well know international chains Pizza Hut, Subway, Burger King. Also  coffee shops as, Juan Valdez, El Español, etc.